Open Road™

  • Unique blend is a custom mix of liquid calcium chloride and sodium chloride
  • Dyed blue for visual application
  • Top performing blend excellent for roads, parking lots, and ramps
  • Working temperature to -15°F; keeps melting where regular salt stops
  • Use of Open Road will reduce salt usage by up to 30%
  • The environmental choice among blended ice melters
  • Available in truckload and 2,000# Super Saks

ASTM Bulk White Deicing Salt

  • For use on roadways, parking lots and sidewalks
  • Melts ice and snow on many types of surfaces
  • Meets ASTM specifications
  • Economical alternative
  • Widely used ice control material 
  • Available in barge, railcar, one ton totes and truckload quantities


Feed Grade Salt

  • Over 99.7 percent pure sodium chloride 
  • Dry, clean and free flowing
  • Salt may be evaporated from sea water, brine, and kiln dried 
  • Suitable for all animal diets but should not be used for direct human-food applications 
  • Packaged in bulk , 50# bags and 2,000# Super Saks


Brine Generator Salt

  • 99.7% pure salt
  • Ideal for brine generation systems
  • Reduces clean time for tanks, screens, pumps, etc.
  • Quickly dissolves into a brine solution
  • Available in railcar, truckloads or Super Saks


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Bulk Solar Water Softening Salt

  • 99.7% pure sodium chloride
  • Screened extra coarse
  • For water conditioning and industrial applications
  • Industrial grade
  • Highest quality available
  • NSF certified
  • Available in barge, railcar, 40 & 50 lb bags, one ton totes (Super Saks) and truckload quantities

Pool Salt

  • Bright white, dry and pure sodium chloride
  • Fine grade, free flowing, uniform
  • All natural and pure
  • 99.7% pure sodium chloride
  • Available in 40# bags, truckload and rail car quantities


Premium Mediums

  • Ideal for facilities and producers of ice melt formulations
  • Screened to a consistent medium size with very few fines
  • Clean, dry and white
  • Easy to blend and color with dyes
  • Available in barge, rail car or truck quantities only

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